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Thanks for the thread! In for Touryst. Interested in Munchkin Quacked Quest. Jerm Member.

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Oct 27, 3, Gonna try to limit myself to just Pokemon Sword Doubt I succeed though Oct 25, 11, Did the eShop have any big holiday sales last year? This will be the first holiday season ill be actively looking for some releases to go on sale on the eShop. Mudo Member. Oct 25, 1, Tennessee. I swear the Switch is going to be the end of me lol. Oct 25, 1, I ask this same question every year for all the consoles and this may not be the best place for it: Tips for someone buying a Switch as a Christmas present?

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A buddy is getting one for quite a young kid and is not understanding what you need to do to a console before it can be played these days. I am going to assist with most of the account set-up and updating, but any 'must-haves' on the eshop? I'm thinking such things as Snipperclips, etc. Untitled Goose Game is probably a lock too. Fonst Member. Nov 16, 2, Xenocrisis pretty good?

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Shaymin said:. I want to say you go by Europe, but it'd be best to look at a site like Vooks for up to date Australian deals. Linde Member.

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Sep 2, 3, Gunkankun Member. Oct 29, Quieter month and that's totally alright after the mayhem that was the last 2 months. Oh damn, that's right, Groove Coaster is this month. Wonder if it'll be confirmed for the US. Herb Alpert Member. Oct 25, 5, Paris, France. Romancing saga 3, where the water tastes like wine and black future 88 have my interest so far. I'm not into Pokemon, so probably no retail release for me this month.

Just eshop slaughter. Herb Alpert said:. Kraid Member. Wow I am shocked Groove Coaster is out so soon. I really, really hope Amazon. I have enough credit there to afford one Ninjadom Member. Oct 25, 2, London, UK. Good thread. Rhaknar Member. Oct 26, 16, I'm so confused by The Touryst Jan 10, 3, Tokyo. Touryst is only mo?? Rhaknar said:. Oct 25, 1, Denmark.

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I've only had my Switch for about a month, so I am kinda new to this thing, so I've got a couple of questions regarding sales. Are first party games ever discounted on the eShop? Your vote can make a difference :. The result from this poll will be added to the smaller band of the month listener polls to give us the final result, which reflects enduring milestones and popularity over the year.

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No gongs for the mantlepiece — as with previous years, the winner gets a 6-month playlisting and a bundle of features for Something useful in terms of getting the music out to new ears. Bands that come close will also take playlistings in the New Year. As with all these things there will be a winner, but my aim each year has always been to use something like this to celebrate the scale and breadth of the scene. Might be a long show! Only a week to vote and then the becomes So have your say: Two clicks to vote, no registration details or any of that nonsense needed.

Head over the greatmusicstories. This vote closes 5pm Tuesday 12th.

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And a veritable feast of marvellousness this week…. All totalmarvs for an hour special that starts at 8.

The locals have been busy in the last few days, voting ends midday tomorrow on the GMS site. Sometime between Might actually be a big longer as it includes 10 mins of the original interview not previously aired. The end of the road — and going out with a bang! And maybe the dark horse of the evening — with Crimson Star things get a bit silly, just a bit.

Russ Taylor and Wayne Terence Dobb - ears may burn We may even have the Wombles for Keith Lamley. As always fun starts from 5pm — broadcasting from a small station in the middle of nowhere but proudly putting new rock peak time on a Friday - meridianfm.

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Brand new song from Apriori and it is a cracker. Friday pm airing on meridianfm. Bringing the guitar music front and centre again this Friday through 2 hour Lots of fun chat on the new album, live porridge eating, a cameo from She Burns Red and I have a stand-up row with the drummer on Marillion tunes. All marvellous. Also speaking with Nathan James on the Inglorious tour dates — and Anchor Lane on their album countdown plus a first hello with King Voodoo.

The Scorpio-Sagittarius Cusp

As always, airing from the shire on meridianfm. With more to be announced why not join us for a mini Wildfire Festival 1 day experience at the Waterloo Pub Blackpool on Friday 22nd Feb. Just a tenner for a full day and night of rock and metal. You know it makes sense. We are delighted to be able to bring you some great and exciting news of our "Rock Pool" Wildfire Festival Showcase event on 22nd Feb In addition to the a Probably going to be sharing a few great new tunes here in the next few days.

Jack J Hutchinson will be joining us at Wildfire and this is his brand new single, released today. They played a cracking set on the Great Music Stories stage in , so much so they are now heading for a main stage slot at Wildfire in You know how Friday goes :.

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Airing on meridianfm. We celebrate With the new Waywards album landing, this Friday seems apt for an hour which has been widely requested for a further rebroadcast before it goes online for listen again. Super listener Jo is on lead vocals this week. There was a running order but its such a busy one, it'll all kind of happen as it happens as the clocks fall off the wall and things fall to pieces around me As always, it's live radio so tune in or miss it!

Just like going to gigs we've all got to live in the moment a bit more so only one or two bits from the show will be going up on listen again. It is new, it is awesome and it is available today. They will be joined by Revival Black and a host of others. Tickets are available now, for both shows, from seetickets. Full details coming very soon. It's Friday, it's 5 o clock and well you know the rest. We still think you should be able to win a pencil :.

scarlet moon weekly tarot february 10 2020 Scarlet moon weekly tarot february 10 2020
scarlet moon weekly tarot february 10 2020 Scarlet moon weekly tarot february 10 2020
scarlet moon weekly tarot february 10 2020 Scarlet moon weekly tarot february 10 2020
scarlet moon weekly tarot february 10 2020 Scarlet moon weekly tarot february 10 2020
scarlet moon weekly tarot february 10 2020 Scarlet moon weekly tarot february 10 2020
scarlet moon weekly tarot february 10 2020 Scarlet moon weekly tarot february 10 2020
scarlet moon weekly tarot february 10 2020 Scarlet moon weekly tarot february 10 2020
scarlet moon weekly tarot february 10 2020 Scarlet moon weekly tarot february 10 2020

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