Astrology mithuna rasi january 2020

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Gemini Yearly Horoscope For 2020

The misunderstandings with family members run high. There will not be any peace of mind during this transit. Artists suffer lethargy and mental dullness. Speculations should be strictly avoided. You are prone to cuts, wounds, accidents and severe health problems and consequent hospitalisation for brief period. Caution is required while driving and in sports field.

Worries related to children and misunderstandings with them are seen during this transit. When Saturn is retrograde, the above results are temporary halted but they never go off. You will be just licking the wounds. However, it gives you ample time to retrospect and plan your next moves. When Saturn is combust, you are happy - you have some good tidings in domestic life. This will give you some diversion. Remedial measures are very much essential. You MUST conduct shanti for shani in a temple or in your house. When done in a temple you can share the expenditure with others.

You should do shiva pooja on Saturdays and Maasa shivaratri days. Whether you believe in God or whether you believe in the remedial measures is the consideration now. You just take the remedial measures seriously, think just in case these will help you out! Extreme caution is required in professional matters.

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Do not put your papers, even if you are humiliated or ignored for promotion. Have patience, good days will come - after two and half years. Saturn transits in 7th from your sign saptama shani. This transit causes severe strains in marital life. If you have any differences, it is better to reconcile as the misunderstandings tend to go on for a long time.

The business partnerships will break down. You can expect separation from wife and children due to long distance transfer. Some people may get married during this transit but they will have some problems in understanding the spouse and also there will be some problems and delays in setting up the family. Students generally have bad period, they have to put hard work. Students in higher studies do well, though will considerable difficulty. There will be concerns about health of mother and mother side relatives.

Property matters will suffer set back, consider before you embark on any property plans. Untimely meals and resentment are seen. You are prone to cuts, wounds and accidents. If Saturn is stronger in your chart placed in good houses and with dignity , you will get married and there will be domestic problems like searching for a big house, seeking transfer, purchasing gold and vehicles etc.

Lethargic attitude and fatalistic attitude predominate. When Saturn is retrograde you are given some relief and when Saturn is combust, a friend or relative will play spoilsport and keep you in a fix. Saturn transits in favourable 6th from your sign. You will be known as a hard worker who wouldn't give up.

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This is a good time for people in politics. Be ready to take hard work, with extra efforts and hours.

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The assignments are not much of brain work and are strenuous. You may have some minor misunderstandings with friends and relatives. You have lot of courage and patience. You derive happiness due to clearing of old dues and also for the importance you get in the office. Students perform well in competitive examinations.

Gemini love horoscope 2020: Finding the balance

You can put hard work but you are not able to appreciate intricacies of the subject. You will be able to clear old loans and consolidate your financial position. Your will have good recognition for the work you are doing.

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  • You will receive substantial amounts through inheritance or arbitration. Old health problems will disappear. At the same time, new diseases of minor kind related to head, teeth, bones and middle stomach surface. These are due to aging process or bad food habits and can be corrected. If health problems are unattended, they will prolong for next two and half years. No classical author has lost opportunity to praise this transit, with due respect to them, I beg to deviate from their view.

    This transit may cause health problems and also fractures. Due to physical fatigue and minor health problems, you will not be able to sleep or relax sufficiently. The relationship with your brothers, sisters and friends are slightly strained. You should stay clear of unnecessary disputes. If you are having adverse dasha or bhukti of sun, kuja, rahu or Saturn, you are prone to accidents resulting in fracture. This transit causes dental problems also.

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    • You will have to deal with your competitors and opponents. You have lot of success that come only after struggles. You will not mind that, as the rewards are good - they do not come as a punishment, anyway. There is no change of job or nature of work.


      But, there may be transfer to a branch office without your willingness. Those people who are abroad continue their stay, no matter how much they wish to come back. You have lot of success. You are able to make investments using loans that are easily available. When Saturn is retrograde you will not derive any benefits. When Saturn is combust, there will be heavy expenditure beyond your control. Transit of Saturn in 5th from moon sign is not a good position, though it can not be termed as completely bad. You do not like finer things of life like little children, a dancing peacock or a singing cuckoo.

      You wish to be alone and do not welcome guests and relatives.

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      Your faith in God and flair for fine arts vanish. Your nerves become weak and for small things you will suffer anxiety. Your reasoning ability goes down and you are likely to make mistakes in your decisions. You are not able to concentrate on your studies. For students, this is most difficult time. There is lot of unhappiness from children. Heavy expenditure, losses, worries due to children and misunderstandings with them are possible.

      astrology mithuna rasi january 2020 Astrology mithuna rasi january 2020
      astrology mithuna rasi january 2020 Astrology mithuna rasi january 2020
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      astrology mithuna rasi january 2020 Astrology mithuna rasi january 2020
      astrology mithuna rasi january 2020 Astrology mithuna rasi january 2020
      astrology mithuna rasi january 2020 Astrology mithuna rasi january 2020
      Astrology mithuna rasi january 2020

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