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You are feeling irritable and rather ill used because of stomach problems. But you need to realize that eating indiscriminately is the root of all your physical problems which is leading to this feeling of mental stress. You need to control your diet, but will probably find it very difficult to do so.

Wednesday 09 Oct, 12222

Get in touch with a dieting buddy. Support of another person can better help you through this situation. You have become too used to dealing with your problems by yourself, but you will find that sharing them with your partner can be very helpful. He or she is going to be supportive and can even offer you practical help. If the problem concerns any issue in your relationship, then broach the subject in a public place where your partner is less likely to react emotionally to it.

Understand compatibility with love horoscope.

Cancer Horoscope

Check love percentage using love calculator. It starts from 90 degrees from vernal equinox and extends upto degrees. It consists of last pada of Punarvasu , full pada of Pushya and full Ashlesha. It is a first sign of watery signs. It is cardinal, movable and chara. It is fruitful, a feminine in nature, mute and nocturnal as well as a tropical sign. Cancer Tomorrow's Horoscope. Cancer is governed by planet Moon. Jupiter gets exalted in this sign whereas Mars gets debilitated here.

Jupiter gets exalted at 5 degree whereas Mars is said to be completely debilitated at 28 degree. Sun, Jupiter, Mars are friendly planets for this sign whereas Mercury , Venus and Saturn are inimical to this sign. Cancer horoscope will help you to know more about Cancer zodiac sign. You would be able to come across your basic traits which you exhibit to the outer world.

If you wish to know more about the Cancer ascendant and its characteristics, you must read our Cancer daily horoscope. Each zodiac sign possesses different traits according to Vedic Astrology.

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Cancer horoscope today will help you to know more about your daily activities, profession, love, finance, family and health. We have described below some physical appearance of Cancer people. If you know about astrology, you would also know about zodiac signs and their different traits. All zodiac signs have different characteristics.

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Cancer horoscope today will tell you about your daily traits and characteristics. We have also described about few traits of Cancer ascendant people:. We have described the characteristics of Cancer born people. Now let's understand the various aspects dealt by Cancer sign in their daily life. Cancer daily horoscope will help you to know the various aspects of life on daily basis. Let's understand below what can be the areas dealt by Cancer sign:.

Environment: They are devoted towards their family. They love to be the part of family and wherever they live, they will love to be there. They always stay engaged in their homes and gardens. They love to collect old things and store them in shelves. They travel constantly, however they will be at home if and only if they are actually in the home. They do not mind taking trouble to make their life comfortable. They invite friends and enjoy their company to the fullest. They prefer their business establishment near by their residence as usually they want to stay at home surrounded by family.

In general, Cancer sign rules over chest and stomach. Since Moon rules over this sign, hence it indicates stress or mental problems. They have to take care of pulmonary and digestive systems. If they control their mind, they would be able to control their body through proper diet and physical care. They should take care as they might suffer from asthma, gastric problem and weak digestion. They should take care of their throat as well.

They may suffer from diseases related to lungs such as flu, cough, asthma, bronchitis, pleurisy, tuberculosis, affections of oesophagus, stomach, dyspepsia, flatulence, dropsy, beri-beri, fear complex, hysteria, Jaundice, obstruction of bile, gallstone, worm and boils on chest just below collar bones. Profession: These people are very suitable for commercial career, especially as a caterer.

They can manage restaurants, coffee, tea stalls, run their general stores, grocery shops, fruit stalls etc. Those who are employed in hospitals can be nurses, matrons, managers and secretaries, higher purchase regulators, undertakers, furnishers etc. They can deal with the antiquities. They are dealer in the fields which represents water. They can be employed in the history section or archaeological department.

They can deal with products related to milk. Marriage: They enjoy their family life to the fullest. Marriage, a union of two opposite sexes, will offer them a well settled life. Girls born under this sign are occasionally moody and will be satisfied by anything offered by their husbands. They prove to be good mothers.

They are affectionate, adaptable, dutiful and devoted, patient and pleasing, sincere and sympathetic.

Cancer Daily Horoscope

Lucky Day: Tuesday is considered as the day of success for these people. Fridays will come out as the day of profit. Wednesday is good for journeys, investment and expenses. Think about where you are and where you are heading. Keep your eyes open for opportunities that w It's a great time for collaborative efforts. Someone you meet at a party or community event will You feel as if you have lost your way. You know you are veering away from career goals you had se From negative thinking to alcohol, it is time to let go of unhealthy habits.

Steer away from suga You're tapping into a growing interest in conservation. This would be a good time to join forces A sudden insight will cause you to quit a job. When you deny the existence of boredom, anger or r Be open to the fact that any pain, challenge or obstacle you encounter isn't without its hidden g

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