Taurus sun taurus moon horoscope

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The aspect of Sun and the aspect of the Moon should be understood well so that you have a clear picture of what the meaning for a certain personality. The Sun in the horoscope represents our vitality, what we strive for; it shows our purpose and our intention in life.

The Difference Between Taurus Sun & Moon...

And on the other hand, the Moon represents what we carry with us wherever we go, which are emotions, subconscious minds, past, our habits and the need for security. For a person who has Sun positioned in the Sun, and Moon in the Taurus sign, you need to know that he is so stubborn, which is why many consider him inflexible, but also practical and realistic.

He is a very persistent person, and no matter how many times he falls, he will grow stronger than ever. The moon in Taurus in the natal chart often indicates an extremely creative personality that in any activity tries to find the opportunity to make even the most ordinary thing a masterpiece. For this person, if in life there is no adventure, he will shut down because of the strong energy that he has to be expressed. He is aware of himself and his needs; he chooses the shortest way of achieving results.

This person likes to enjoy the fruits of his business engagements with a special emphasis on enjoying the spending of money, and we have to be honest, this human loves comfort and safety in life, even if he will sometimes risk in life. He is even ready to forgive a lie, but this will not be easy to do if that lie continues, while he knows the truth.

His actions are directed toward concrete, realistic and lasting results in life; but he is the one person who knows his potential, and he will achieve his goals with patience and perseverance Taurus and his incredible bravery Aries. This combination means that this human being needs to manifest itself in a very dynamic way, also means to manifest itself through direct actions; these actions make him impatient, even naive, and impulsive, but always directed to his goals in life.

The Sun in Aries and Moon in Taurus makes this person many mistakes in life, but in time he becomes smarter. In life and love, this person believes that the work speaks more than words — and he gives a lot, also expect the same thing in return, which is why he often remains disappointed in life. He does not like when someone hurries or exploits him, or any unexpected changes that may come into their lives.

Taurus Daily Horoscope

It is about your Ego, your need to achieve things and the need these things become acknowledged. As seen in a natal chart, the Sun determines the field of life in which you should prove your qualities. The house the Sun sits in is the sphere of life predisposed for you to shine in, but also the one that brings the greatest challenges.

The sign the Sun matches determines your manifesting nature; the way you act, the channel through which your creative energy flows. People born with the Sun in Taurus are steady, calm personalities, oriented towards finding stability in materialistic world. These people do not think in abstract, but in practical terms.

Bad Traits

They never wander a lot. Abstract and non-materialistic ideas rarely attract them. They have amazing sense for everything of natural beauty. They love to create things by their own hands.

Moon in Taurus Horoscope (All about Taurus Moon zodiac sign)

They are people of routine and tradition. Taurus people are strong, non-flexible and generally laid back. They usually keep to themselves, but remain of strong integrity. They enjoy things they could see and touch; they are not imaginative and dreamy. Taurus people need something to move them forwards, but they are determined, persistent and patient, once they are moved. Taurus Sun people know what they want in life, precisely and they focus on their goals. However, they see to achieve it in slow pace. They are not risky people and they do not rush. Foolish, impulsive and hasty decisions are out of their world.

The Moon symbolizes emotions. It is related to the element of Water and, thus, considered changeable.

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It makes us flexible and adaptable. The Moon represents our emotional and intuitive side. It is also closely related to our dreams and imagination. The Moon is everything we feel about life and about ourselves. It affects the way we react to certain situations and people in life. It helps us dive deeper into our personality, far beyond our logic and reason. Our rational self needs our emotional self; keeping the two in balance is the hardest thing to do and a great wisdom.

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  8. Some people have astrological predisposition to keep them in harmony. It depends on both your Moon sign and your Sun sign. The Moon sign affects the way you are going emotionally to develop. If the sign is favorable, as well as aspects found in your natal chart, your emotional self will flourish. If not, you could experience emotional turbulence, instability and else. Moon Aquarius people have more compassion for a collective, than for an individual person. They have tremendous energy in defending the cause they deem right and are most passionate about it. Our natal Sun describes our rational side and the way we appear in public, while the Moon describes our inner being and our subconscious content.

    People with Sun in Taurus tend to be very stable and grounded. They love comfort and they are willing to work hard to provide it for themselves and the people they care for.

    Aries Sun Taurus Moon – Personality, Compatibility

    They are usually not prone to making changes and prefer to maintain the status quo in all the areas of their life, mainly because they hate adapting to changes and new circumstances. With the influence of Moon in Aries, these people become more prone to adventures and making changes in their life. They still love security and comfort, but are prone to making excursions into the unknown and experiencing some adventures. When they make up their mind about something, it could be impossible to make them give up or change their mind. That trait often causes them more harm than benefit, although it helps them with achieving their long-term goals.

    Stubbornness is a trait which both the sign of Aries and the sign of Taurus express. That is why, it is necessary for these people to work on their flexibility and to try to make compromises whenever it is possible.

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    • Good Traits.

    These people can be very egotistical and self-centered, which makes them difficult to adjust to other people. They are prone to believing that they are always right and that no one can do things as good as they can. That attitude can be detrimental for their relationships with other people, and could cause people to avoid them. They have a tendency to impose their opinions on other people, and always believe that they are right. They have a problem with apologizing to people even when deep inside they know that they have made a mistake or that they have wronged someone.

    They are best at leading positions and telling others what to do. They often own their own business because they desire to work for themselves and they are best when they are in that role.

    Taurus Sun likes security which material possessions could bring them and that is why they are very motivated to provide them.

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