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In , Hassan discovered that everyone is born with certain predestined internal cycles or "themes" - the timing and duration of which are both destined. However, most of these themes are predictable only in terms of individual experiences rather than actual events.

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Based on this, he has formulated techniques where you can use your free choice to offset any negative "themes"! Hassan has been involved in various astro-medical research projects correlating planetary positions and the predisposition of various diseases and will be publishing his long awaited findings in his book "Astro-medical Diagnosis". Hassan has analyzed thousands of charts - from Renaissance masters to Nobel Prize winners, and uses his research to help his extensive clientele, ranging from media personalities, movie stars, politicians, Royalty, actors, tycoons, businessmen to anyone interested in controlling their destiny.

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He frequently appeared live across Canada for call-in shows which lasted two to four hours. Hassan publishes a newsletter "AstroTrends" with worldwide circulation to give timely and helpful advice to his subscribers.

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It also gives important trends for effective planning. Howard Bloom is an American author. He was a music publicist in the s and s for singers and bands such as Prince, Billy Joel, and Styx.

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Kristy is the founder of Soul Sisters Paranormal, a team that she formed with her twin sister, younger sister, and two friends in A native of Ocala, Florida, Kristy has a background in criminal justice, specifically aviation security, and Miranda Young, creator and star of the hit web series Ghost Biker Explorations, is an experienced paranormal investigator, who has turned her passion for photography, history, urban exploration, and motorcycles into a unique and popular show that highlights legends, mysteries B Cuvyl A Pen Name is the founder of the theory of the "water-like properties of matter", a unique scientific theory that explains the origins of the universe and the physical existence of the supernatural.

He guaranteed our listeners He has an undergraduate degree in physics from Princeton University, and a doctorate in astronomy from the California Institute of Technology. For much of his Jim Koepke has researched the Kennedy assassination for twenty-five years.

Egypt Election Dr. Mohd Mursi's Horoscope by Hassan Jaffer

He is considered a national expert on the subject of JFK's death. Stephen Sakellarios began studying Eastern mysticism--and with it, reincarnation--in when he was He first began studying the Western research and therapies dealing with reincarnation when he started work on his independent film, "In Another Life: Reincarnation in America," He asserted that the second coming prophesied by many religions would come in the form of Maitreya the World Teacher. Eddie Upnick was born in Brooklyn, New York, in Bob Davis in an internationally recognized scientist in his field.

He graduated with a Ph. Hassan Jaffer is an interpreter of the human mind and the question of predestiny and free will.

It's all in the Stars with Hassan Jaffer

He combines the logic of his engineering background with his acute sensitivity to human nature to explain the complexities of human experiences through Stanton T. Friedman, nuclear physicist, lecturer and world-renowned devotee of extraterrestrial existence, has died at the age of She said he was on Deborah Blake is the award-winning author of the Baba Yaga and Broken Rider paranormal romance series and the Veiled Magic urban fantasies from Berkley.

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An author of horror and science fiction, he has spent more than He is also a successful attorney, licensed to practice law in Florida, Washington D. John Kachuba is the award-winning author of twelve books and numerous articles, short stories and poems.

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He is a member of His roots trace back to William Vaughn Jr. Bryan Sentes is a scholar and poet based in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Renowned evidential medium and spirit interventionist, Jock Brocas shares of a lifetime of wisdom, experience, and knowledge of the realms of the departed and how to safely interact with them. Belief in the afterlife has reached a level of public acceptance Now What? He is a Visiting Professor at Eric Altman is a Cryptozoologist with a specific study of hair covered bipedal primates such as Bigfoot or Sasquatch.

Eric has a combined 39 years of study of this phenomenon with over 22 years of field research and investigation into Are ETs healing humans?

The answer, of course, is yes! In this landmark book, The Healing Power of UFOs, leading UFO researcher, Preston Dennett, presents a fascinating compilation of more than cases of people who have been healed by extraterrestrials.

hassan jaffer astrologer Hassan jaffer astrologer
hassan jaffer astrologer Hassan jaffer astrologer
hassan jaffer astrologer Hassan jaffer astrologer
hassan jaffer astrologer Hassan jaffer astrologer
hassan jaffer astrologer Hassan jaffer astrologer
hassan jaffer astrologer Hassan jaffer astrologer

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